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A little bit about us..

 This site is here to help the suffering that comes from loss of a loved one,  and to assist those grieving.

We can help you to know if you are ready to attend and to find a griefshare group. 
Also help you to find resources and practical help.
To understand when grief is normal, and  to know when you might need extra help.  
Mostly to have a place to feel understood and not so alone.     
To help you to lean into your grief and lean on the Lord for comfort and healing.
Things will never be the same, but with time and help you can adjust to a new normal.
 It is important to have hope to be able to continue in our lives,  In Him, Jesus,we have hope. Your loss could be from accident, illness, suicide,crime related, addiction,there is help for all who seek God for comfort.
He is the God of all comfort, and comforts his people like a mother comforts her child.
Don't be alone, you don't have to be.  Together we help each other to heal.
Two are better than one, for if one falls the other can help him up and a 3 stranded cord is not easily broken. It takes courage, but please contact me at
 The griefshare groups are run in 13 weeks sessions, but often you can start anytime, and make up weeks you missed in a new session.
Also often people need more than one session and are welcome.
So sorry for you loss and I am praying you find the strength to reach out and receive support.
In His service,



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